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My name is Joe and 2008 was making up to be a great year for hunting in our great state. As all of the big game hunters in Nevada know to draw a tag is very special, but to draw three is well WOW. I was the lucky one!! As the year moved on and anticipation grew my faith in myself started to be not as sure as in years past. My antelope hunt started well and things looked bright, but luck was not on my side as I soon found out. Missed shots can haunt a guy for weeks and I had no time to waste on that. My next trip was a full week in the upper NW Nevada area and on a muzzle load deer hunt. I do say the country is beautiful and wild. Unfortunately the wildlife was not as abundant, or I just didnít see it! Needless to say, I once again came home empty handed which is something I and my buddies are not used to.

Now I am down to the really big hunt which is the one tag every hunter in every state and some countries are hungry to get. Nelson Big Horn Sheep. At this point in the year I have had time to dwell on the past few months and the missed opportunities (and shots). I decided to hire Nevada Outfitters to guide me on this once in a lifetime hunt and it was an experience that will give me a smile for the rest of my life. Rob was incredible. He was shielded with another hunter for the first 7 days of the season and I was hanging out with the guys waiting (impatiently) for my hunt time with him. We went to get familiar with the area as it is on one of the Air Force Base bombing ranges and access is very limited for all but the hunters who draw a tag and people in the party. I learned that spotting sheep is a tricky thing to do and the guys that were with me had some experience in the field on sheep hunts in the past years. As for me it was my first hunt of this kind and I had very little knowledge of where or what to look for. I found myself being the guy that had to be shown where they were after the other guys found the sheep on the mountain side. To my surprise and enjoyment Rob was successful in his first scheduled hunt very quickly and was more than willing to go out early on my hunt with me and my friends.

I have known Rob and trust him in his judgment in what he does, but he proved that itís a passion. My friends (and myself) were amazed how quickly he found the sheep on the mountain. Not only that, he would find a lot of sheep, day in and day out, and miles apart from the others. Low and high. Needless to say my friends were now the ones that had to be shown were the sheep were. Rob spotted the rams that morning and decided we would go after a very nice one in the group of the four. They wound up being only 3 miles away and low on the mountain side, and after the gps confirmed the 17 miles we had already walked we jumped on the chance. Rob once again was out in front with the spotting scope, and it seemed most of the gear in his pack. He led up through the valley to a ridge that we skirted around and found ourselves in the perfect position for a stalk. Rob set the spotting scope up on top of the ridge so we could get a good look at the rams all bed down in the sun. I decided to take the one he put us on and the hunt was on. My friends were able to view the hunt with the spotting scope and Rob and I stalked closer. As I lay across the back pack Rob set up for my shooting rest for what seemed like hours, watching through my rifle scope anticipating the shot, I realized we were in the perfect spot. Rob kept me calm and we talked about what the ram would do and when to shoot. He was very knowable, for what he said would happen did. Watching a sheepís eyes blink with sleep and then his head fall and hit the ground as he falls asleep is one thing that makes me smile every time I think about it. I will hire Rob and Nevada Outfitters again (soon I hope) for my next hunt of any kind.

This seems to be a bit long of a letter to a person just reading it, itís hard to write the excitement, but there is so much I could have written.

Go do it and then you will know, and Smile!

                                                                         Joe Giaramita - Sparks, NV

I hunted with guide service, Nevada Outfitters...Rob Wallin. He provided the gear I wore for my 2008 Nevada Desert Bighorn Sheep tag. Between the professional guide service provided by Nevada Outfitters and the Sitka outdoor gear - Gore OPTIFADE , the Ram never had a chance.

Perfect stalk, perfect camo, perfect guide, hunts do not get better than this.

Thank you Sitka gear and Gore Optifade for giving me the opportunity to try out your new product. And, thank you Rob Wallin for being a great outdoorsman/guide and friend.

                                                                         Rhonda Moore

I have hunted the last two years(2OO7 & 2OO8) with Rob Wallin of Nevada Outfitters. On both of these hunts I was fortunate in taking a beautiful trophy mule deer. The 2OO7 buck was on a late hunt taking place when the rut was just getting started. We hunted in the snow and in high country. It was not out of the question to see 60-100 deer in a day. Each day we hunted more big bucks would show up. Some of these bucks were big enough to take if we had the chance. I ended up shooting a 28" wide and very high typical 4x4 scoring in the 170's. His main frame was outstanding and overall score was only hurt by weak back forks and short eye guards.

In 2OO8, the hunt was totally the opposite. We hunted early in the season and when the weather was warm. We backpacked daily into rugged country looking for big bucks Rob had seen before. On the 2nd to last day I shot a heavy 6x5 with extremely deep forks. This buck scored in the low 180's. We saw a lot of wild horses, antelope, coyotes and chucker. Our average number of deer spotted daily was around 20-30 with some very good bucks.

What was amazing on both of these hunts was that I never saw another hunter! Rob took me into beautiful, remote country where no one else went. The game was not bothered or pressured by anyone and we were able to hunt confidently. Rob and his guides scouted hard prior to the seasons in order to find areas like this! He worked hard in order to help me succeed and everything was provided that I could possibly need.

If you are fortunate enough to draw a deer, elk, antelope or sheep tag in Nevada I would totally recommend booking a hunt with Rob Wallin of Nevada Outfitters. You will hunt hard, see a lot of game, possibly take the trophy of a lifetime and make a friend in the process!

                                                                         Frank Borges Jr. - St. Helena, CA

My brother and I drew mule deer tags for the area that Rob lives in. We went for a scouting trip in the area and met Rob. We booked a a five-day hunt for later in the season. The price was very good and we worked out what would make us happy as far as hunter guide relationship. We showed up the day before we were going to start hunting. Rob was there to greet us and introduce us to his two guide helpers. Rob did everything that he said he would do and more. He would meet us each day and take us out either individually or together. He found us deer to choose from each day and let us decide if we wanted the deer or to keep hunting. We ended up getting two four-point bucks that we were happy with. Hunting with Rob was very pleasurable. He was willing to take the extra mile every time.

                                                                         DuWayne and Greg Bailey - Oregon

In June of 2005, I received my "Once in a Lifetime" Nevada bull elk tag. After talking to a half a dozen guide services across the state, I chose to go with Nevada Outfitters. When I talked to master guide Rob Wallin, the first thing I noticed was his shear enthusiasm for my hunt. His sub-guides, Scotty and Royce, are both excellent at scouting for, and finding, big game.

When I arrived in camp I found the accommodations to be first class. From the warm, spacious trailer to the exceptional meals, everything was taken care of. When it comes to the actual hunt, you won't find a more determined and professional group of guys. While the other hunters that we encountered were frustrated at not finding any elk, my guides were putting me on over 100 animals in just the first day.

On day 2 we had a nice six point on the ground and Louie, a master guide from Alaska, went to work caping, dressing, and boning out the huge bull. When I took the meat into G & M Processing the butchers were very impressed with Louieís handy work. The guy really knows his stuff. If youíre serious about hunting, I suggest you give Nevada Outfitters a call. They truly are a top-notch outfit.

                                                                         Dean Courtney - Reno, NV

After waiting 14 years I drew a California Bighorn tag, a dream that started when my Grandson Justin was 9 years old. With every year that passed we gained one year in age. Now 62 years young and my grandson older, a seasoned hunter, more able to appreciate what had just become a long-time dream.

Tom Clark introduced me to Rob Wallin from Nevada Outfitters. I wanted more than just kill an animal. I wanted the experience of hunting with my grandson, to learn more about the animal and its habits, and most of all, not to be treated as a grandmother. I worked hard at getting into shape and I wanted the complete experience of the hunt.

My every wish was fulfilled, Robís enthusiasm, made the hunt more enjoyable than I could have asked for, the accommodations were great, the food wonderful, and my every need was taken care of. We saw many bighorn sheep and never was I pressured to ďtakeĒ any animal. The choice was mine! Rob knew the territory, the habits of this animal, and his excitement made me feel like I was his first client.

I ended up getting one of the largest California Bighorn sheep ever taken out of the area that I drew. I was able to have my grandson beside me when I took my sheep. And what I learned will be with me forever.

I recommend Nevada Outfitters, Rob, and his crew. They will make your hunt ----- THE HUNT OF A LIFE TIME! Bev Fricke - Garnderville, NV

                                                                         Bev Fricke - Garnderville, NV

This year I drew my Nevada deer tag, elk tag and my desert bighorn tag, plus my two kids had deer tags in an area separate from mine. The task in front of me was overwhelming. The first thing I did was to call Rob Wallin at Nevada Outfitters because I knew that Rob and his guides know most of the sheep areas in northern and central Nevada as well as anyone in the state. It so happened my area was in his backyard and with the daunting task of hunting all of my tags, this rarest of tags in North America was in quality hands. Upon retrospect, I wish I had booked Nevada Outfitters for my elk tag too (I hunted it on my own).

Throughout my seasons, we ran into Rob and his guides all over the state. It is amazing to me how hard these guys work before and during the hunting seasons. I'm a pretty decent hunter and am pretty good at spotting game, but I learned so much from Rob and his guides this year. These guys are experts at using their optics to spot animals. Something I noticed about Nevada Outfitters each time we ran into them is their ability to spot quality animals even when other "good" hunters and guides are having difficulty locating animals. You can do all the scouting before your season opens, but it is an entirely different thing when the game is under hunting pressure. Everything changes and that is where Nevada Outfitters seems to excel.

At one point, Rob had me within a few feet just over some rocks from 8 rams. We were right in the middle of 40 plus sheep! I was incredibly impressed with how hard Rob and his guides will work for their client's tag and just as impressed with their patience. I didn't shoot any of those rams on that day. They put everything they have into your hunt and let you make your decisions. I can tell you that you won't find any group of guides in better physical condition. Don't worry, they're really nice guys and will push only as hard as you want. Rob is really good at adapting to his clients. I ended up with a quality ram that will make the Nevada Book and it was truly the hunt of lifetime in a hunting season of a lifetime.

Oh, Nevada Outfitter's accommodations and food were first class too, but what else would you expect from such a quality outfit.

                                                                         Matt Carter - Reno, NV

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